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ProLinked is a global community of athletes, coaches, agents, scouts and other sports professionals actively seeking to connect with each other. Users gain the attention of talented athletes, head coaches, general managers, and front office executives, by making use of their own individual profiles tailored to their specific needs. Our users are encouraged to promote themselves by sharing highlights and game film as well as stats, credentials and academics. ProLinked’s mobile friendly application and intuitive website provides the optimum platform to create and capitalize on opportunity. breitling replica

In addition for coaches and scouts, ProLinked serves as a tool that can identify and evaluate athletes from all over the globe readily and easily with utilization of the ProLinked’s sort-able database. Users have access to in-depth information on an athlete in real time and can contact them through direct messaging on ProLinked Chat.  

ProLinked additionally hosts forums where athletes and sports industry professionals discuss moderated topics ranging from the latest training and wellness techniques to form critique and preparation.


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Letter from the CEO

For most former athletes, the idea of no longer being able to participate in the sport they grew to love goes unforeseen. It’s not even a thought, let alone a conversation they would even entertain.

On average about 450 NFL hopefuls leave the league every year. That small window of opportunity to provide for their family and friends is quickly shut. They are left with the ominous question of, “What’s next?” breitling replica

Former New Mexico State University stand out and Green Bay Packer, Donte Savage, his story all to familiar to athletes before him, slowly watched his aspirations of becoming and NFL star fade out.

“It struck me toward the end of my football career, that I might not get to play football for the rest of my life.”

During the career transition process athletes go through a phase known as the adjustment crisis, where they experience difficulty gaining a holistic view of their playing career coming to and end. However, Donte knew exactly what he wanted and was determined to turn his post-­‐career vision into a reality and abolish the stereotype of former NFL players.

“I knew whatever I did, I didn’t want to work for anybody else and wanted to make a difference in peoples lives.”

Through persistence and dedication, Donte followed his passion and immersed himself into the tech industry by founding ProLinked.

ProLinked is a secure link that creates a digital community for all athletes actively seeking to connect with coaches, agents, and scouts on a global scale. We aim to give athletes the freedom to promote their selves and create their own opportunities.

Many athletes aren’t provided with the necessary resources and exposure as drafted and top tier players. When dealing with high profile athletes who have the attention of head coaches, general managers, and front office executives the ‘sleepers’ can easily go unnoticed. The idea of ProLinked aims to create a platform that connects athletes to coaches, scouts, and agents for athletes looking to enhance their visibility.

“My app caters to football, basketball, soccer, and baseball. There are so many recruiting sites that are just for one sport, so I wanted to be different.”

Donte Savage, Founder and CEO