A Global Sports Network

Connecting Athletes and Athletic Professionals


At ProLinked we recognize that many young athletes have limited opportunities due to the size of their personal network and limited amount of exposure. Also, families and supporters have a difficult time navigating through the endless amounts of opportunities and advice.

We are a social media solution that enables up-and-coming athletes and their families to take control of opportunities and their future careers all while building a database where coaches and other sport professionals can subscribe to in order to help them identify and evaluate athletes.

As athletes register for our camps it automatically creates a user profile where they are encouraged to promote themselves by sharing highlights and game film as well as stats, credentials and academics. In the spirit of competition, additional content can be purchased via micro transactions or can be earned through our advertising sponsors.

We at Prolinked want to empower athletes and through our camps and interactive social media platform we able to serve as a bridge between them and opportunity.